And so it begins

Hello all, so after about 30 hours of traveling, I made it! First, I had a 12.5 hour flight from LAX to Beijing. It wasn’t actually that bad since I left at 1am so I was able to sleep for about 6 hours before watching Django and Looper (Looper was surprisingly more censored than Django was. Looper had to censor out “fuck” and some boobies, but when it comes to a man being eaten by dogs, Air China says “you’re good!”). My plane was also full of Chinese people going home so there wasn’t much chatting with my single-serving friend next to me. I arrived in China at 5:30am Friday their time. Therefore, I basically time traveled through Thursday the 3rd. That day is in the cloud now, I’ll pick it up sometime next year.

After arriving in Beijing, I was treated to a 9 hour layover… After the 3 hours it took me to realize there was free internet, I was cruising. In case you were wondering, my fantasy football teams are doing just fine, thanks for asking.IMG_2480 One of the two craziest parts about China? 1) No facebook. I know it’s bad and all, but I’ve been fairly indifferent towards communism until yesterday. But take my minifeed away from me and we got a problem. The second crazy thing? SMOG. Jesus smog. I’ve heard it’s bad, but it was crazy to see it first hand. I got there early so I figured it was just foggy still. Nope. I totally understand now why I see people on TV walking around with masks on. I’ll post a picture of it sometime soon.

The final leg was from Beijing to Bangkok. It worked out pretty sweet because my plane wasn’t full at all and I had 3 seats to myself. After 2 plane beers, I stretched out for a glorious nap.

After successfully landing and retrieving my luggage, I felt pretty special to walk out and see a lady holding a placard with my name on it. I thought, “Sweet! I’m finally here!” I didn’t realize that it would take my van almost 2 hours to get to my hotel. Plus my driver knew one word of English: traffic.

Before I go, I had a few first instant impressions of my new homeland. 1) they weren’t lying about the humidity. You know that feeling of walking into a building with an indoor pool? Yeah that’s IMG_0016everywhere. Air conditioning is going to be my best friend this year. 2) KFC delivers. Fuck yeah. 3) All of the confidence I got from my scooter driving in Santa Barbara was immediately squashed after seeing these people scoot around here. Sweet Jesus it’s crazy. Picture a family of 4 on one scooter, in rush hour, in traffic, with no helmets. I didn’t even like changing lanes when I had my scooter. Maybe it’ll be different outside of Bangkok. 3) Saw the first person whose gender I wasn’t sure of. I better work on my identification skills.

Well I’m gonna go explore soon and get out of my air conditioned hotel cave. I’ll update soon and share my BKK adventure stories. Bald eagle out.


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