The Weekend

Hello again everybody, time for another update. This weekend was super fun. We’ve all been cooped up in class from about 9-5 everyday, so we were ready for a weekend without responsibilities. Plus, this first week has been much more of an introduction than the real teacher training that’s about to start. So yeah, we’ll start with Friday.

We got out of class a little early on Friday because they organized for us to go to the gym to do a little Muay Thai training. Those of you who know me well, know I’m a big UFC nerd, so I was super stoked. It was way fun, they taught us how to throw proper knees, elbows, kicks, and blocks. My knees and ‘bows were pretty good, but my kicks weren’t because I’m an inflexible schmuck. Plus it felt good to actually exercise since it’s been a few weeks. All in all, it was awesome and I think I might sign up at a gym wherever I end up getting placed to teach.

Speaking of getting placed, I had my  first sit down with the XploreAsia advisors on Friday. I told them that I had strong math skills and they said I might end up as a math teacher. If I do end up teaching math, it’ll supposably be at an international school which would have perks like being in a more developed area instead of super rural with nothing but squat toilets (I haven’t done it yet, but my time will come). Plus there’ll likely be other English speakers at those schools, so I can chat with somebody. Also the students language skills will be at an intermediate level so they might actually understand some things I say. I’ll get my mime on though if I have to. Either way, I just wanna find out where to receive a care package of deoderant/sunscreen without whitening agents. Seriously. Every skin product sold here makes your skin whiter. Why? Because Thai culture values whiteness… This place is perfect for me

After Muay Thai on Friday, XploreAsia threw a big beach BBQ for our entire group. We had 2 pigs on a spit that we cooked up along with fried rice, papaya salad, and other delicious things. I tried the Thai spirit called Song Sam (or something like that). It’s a rum that’s mixed with sprite the gangand little splash of Thai redbull. Speaking of which, the redbull here is insane. It comes in a little  bottle that’s probably like 3 solid sips, costs 10 baht (~33 cents), and it’s INTENSE. It’s concentrated and soooo much stronger than energy drinks back home. I drank it and felt like Tyrone Biggums from Chappelle show lifting  cars to get candy bars. In the evening as it got dark, we discovered the coolest thing of all time. The water is filled with bioluminescent plankton. As we splashed around and played in the water, we were suddenly surrounded by shiny green sea creatures. So much fun. We basically looked like a giant, drunken 4-year-old’s birthday party.

We eventually came back to our hotel and managed to rally the team. We went to one of the more popular nightclubs in the city called Sam Sam. It’s had multiple different areas with their own respective themes. There’s a karaoke room, a normal bar area, a dance club, and an outdoor patio/hookah area. As for karaoke, back home, it’s normally something I avoid like the plague. Not here though. Tom and my signature song is “I Want it That Way” from  Backstreet Boys. To say we kill it would be an understatement. Splash in a little “Livin la Vida Loca” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and you got yourself a well-balanced karaoke diet. After Sam Sam, we eventually went back to the ocean to play in the photo-plankton again. Did I mention how fun that is? Yeah. We ended up making it home super late and watched the sun come up from our hotel pool before finally going to bed.

Man this post is long. If you’ve read this far, good for you. I figured I’ll include all the details so I can go back someday and reminisce.

Sunday was one of the best days we’ve had so far. We got up at a reasonable hour and we were set on renting scooters and going to this place called monkey mountain. I’ve been excited to get a scooter after having to say goodbye to Flotus when I left SB. Thai scooters are crazy though. Only half the people wear helmets and lane lines are mostly suggestions. Rosa and I took separate motorcycle taxis the other day and we departed at the same time. Despite my guy stopping for gas, we still beat Rosa back to the hotel. Dude was flying. But yeah, we finally got our own (plus helmets) and had a little freedom. Renting was only 200 baht day, and we all paired up so it was only 100 each (about $3.50ish). Our Sons-of-Anarchy style scooter gang saddled up and eventually made it to IMG_0211monkey mountain.

It’s literally exactly what it sounds like. There are hundreds of monkeys who live here and run around wild. And these are no normal monkeys. They’re crafty. You have to be careful how you carry things in your pockets or in the open because they’ll steal from you. There was also a one-armed monkey that jumped onto Brian in an act of attempted theft. These things are like squirrels. They’re extremely used to people and are super bold. Danielle had a good status today about monkey fornication followed by a booty kiss. Talk about customer service. We skipped the pagoda there because there were 1000 stairs and it was 1000 degrees out. I did give in and ordered my first Western food at the beach afterwards. That burger tasted like freedom.

Our group has gotten really close despite only knowing each other for 10 days.  We did have our first somewhat-heated UK vs. US debate last night, but it all worked out fine and we hugged it out. We agreed to disagree on the presence of the letter “u” in the word color. It’s gonna be awesome to have different places to visit once we get our real jobs and live all over the place.

Alright guys, I think that’s it for now, I probably won’t post again for another week or so because since our real school is starting this week, we have actual homework and responsibilities now. I hope everybody is doing well back home and I love and miss all of you. Peace everyone, Bald Eagle out.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Damn dude, sounds awesome. Keep the prose flowing, I want more goods. Hopefully you Mui Thai’ed some monkeys for jacking your shit. That would be a good story. Love you man!!


  2. So jealous of all of your adventures!!! I would love love love to come out and visit.

    Smuggle me back a monkey and some of that fresh pineapple please! 🙂


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