I got the exciting news today…. I know where I’m gonna live! It’s in the Kalasin province in the northern region of Thailand. The town has about 100,000 people and is ~3 hours east of Chiang Mai. My coordinator told me it’s a super easy, comfortable overnight bus from my spot to Chiang Mai and an hour from the airport. I’m gonna be gettin’ myself a scooter too. They told me that it’s not super rural, but it’s still not listed in my Lonely Planet guidebook so there’s still won’t be many westerners there. I’m gonna be in a high school but I’m still waiting to hear back on what subjects I’ll teach. Apparently my advisor lady in Kalasin is named Lucky. I like her already. Plus, Lucky works for the school where I’ll be as opposed to a lot of other people who get placed through agents. I actually kind of like this because I’ll have at least one Thai teacher who I’ll be able to converse with. I should get an email pretty soon here with all of the other job details. I’ll keep everyone posted.

They actually gave me the job offer late last week but I wasn’t ready to tell anybody yet. To be honest, right after they told me, I was terrified. At the drop of a hat it all became so real. This month has been so much fun so far, but it’s also been a halfway house to what my experienceculture shock is going to be. To this point, I’ve been in a fairly touristy area and have been surrounded by about 90% westerners.

I mentioned in one of my other posts about how I haven’t really felt any culture shock to this point. Once we all split up and I’m one of 2 farangs (foreigners) in town, I’m sure the cultural differences will really hit me. Plus our little group here has become so close, it’s gonna be seriously sad when we all go our separate ways.  A lot of my friends have been placed more in the southern region of Thailand too so I won’t be able to make weekend trips to see most people. We’ll all reunite in March/April when we’re off school, but still. We may have only known each other for a month by the time we leave, but going through an experience like this together will keep most of us in touch for a long time to come. Thank god for Facebook right? I accepted the job today after asking for the weekend to think about it. Before I arrived in Thailand, I requested to be in the north so now I have to put my money where my mouth is. And I better learn to speak some f*cking Thai. Quickly.

It’s all becoming real now. I’m nervous, excited, anxious, sad, stoked, and a variety of other emotions. I’ll probably make the move sometime late next week. Final deets coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Placement!

  1. How was your placement ?! Did you enjoy ( are you still enjoying ) your time ?! I too have been placed here ! And I’m slight nervous !! 🙂


  2. Hey Bella! I think I mentioned it in a post soon after this one but my placement city got changed at the last minute. I haven’t actually been there, but it’s in the heart of Issan which is supposed to be incredible. The people are supposed to be some of the nicest and the food some of the best. And while I haven’t been there myself, Issan is generally known as a more rural place so be prepared for an initial couple weeks-a month of culture shock. Just remember, it passes. Try to spend as little time in your room as possible. Get out, walk the streets, and learn to embrace getting stared at. I’ve had several friends placed in Issan and it took them a couple weeks to adapt, but they had a fantastic experience. I wish you the best of luck!


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