We’ve covered good. Here’s the bad & the ugly

Thailand is like a beautiful shiny coin. On one side of it, there’s the side that we love and brag about. It revolves around beautiful beaches, new friends, fantastic food, and generally exciting adventures.  The other side of that coin is not nearly as flattering.  So let’s take a quick minute to complain about some stuff.

The overall health of our group is simply getting destroyed. Here’s a “brief” list of the various ailments we’ve had to deal with in the past 2 weeks: mild case of Dengue, jelly fish stings, more bug bites than I can count (some infected, some not), water poisoning, food poisoning, 104 degree fevers, stomach illness (both ends), wasp stings, scooter accidents, and rashes in places you’d never expect. Thankfully almost everything at the"Thai Pharmacy - Koh Samui" pharmacy here is over the counter. People have been popping antibiotics like skittles. Plus, healing these wounds is a pain because: a) the water from the showers isn’t clean, and b) with the humidity, being dry is a fantasy. Plus sleeping for ~4 hours a night hasn’t helped. Add in a diet of spicy food and beer and we aren’t exactly the picture of health.

I actually did pretty well up until the past few days. Our Prachaup Khiri Khan trip this weekend was awesome, but on Sunday morning I experienced one of the strangest things I’ve ever felt. At breakfast, moments after inhaling my food, I got a horrible combination of heartburn, hiccups, and wanting to vomit. I had to leave the restaurant for 10 minutes just to keel over, spit up mouthfuls of water and hiccup while trying not to cry. Nice image right? Don’t worry ladies, I’m still accepting applications for my open girlfriend position.

Also… today was the fateful day that I finally had to use the Thai squatty potty… Let’s just say that I have an incredible newfound respect for the quads of Thai people. That shit was so hard. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, “don’t skip leg day.” I’m still going to avoid those things like the plague, but at least I lost my Thai-toilet virginity. It also refused to cuddle afterwards.

Good, bad, and ugly people. Drink it in. As long as it’s not from a Thai tap. That shit’ll kill you.


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