US vs. UK

Since getting to Thailand, I’ve hung out with quite a few Brits. They’re good people and all, but as we all know, there’s some inconsistencies in “our” language. I’ve done my best to compile a list and translations of our different words/phrases . There’s a bunch that I missed, but here’s what I got:

  • Off your trolley=partying hard. US vs uk
  • Spitting game. This is a US one that I took for granted. A Brit heard someone say this and said, “What is this sick mating ritual you have?” I’d never really thought about it but it does sound a little strange.
  • Plastics=band-aids. They don’t do the brand-name association like we do with
    Band-aids, Kleenex, Coke, etc
  • The sea=the ocean. Sea just sounds kind of nice. I like this one. Let’s go swim in the sea.
  • Fortnight. Yes, Brits actually use this in conversation. I don’t think an American has used this word in context since the Civil War. I honestly didn’t even know how long it represented (2 weeks if you’re curious)
  • Fags=cigarettes. Lol. Yeah we as American kids have giggled about this one since we were young, but it’s even funnier to hear it actually used. It’s for real.
  • Slag=slut. Yeah. It just is. Dirty old slag=dirty ol’ slut.
  • Full stop=period. Like a period at the end of a sentence. I heard Brits use “full stop” in conversation where we would say “period” but it always went over my head. It didn’t make sense until I was planning a lesson and my friend told me not to call it a period. I stood my ground. This little dot does not need to be two words.
  • Revision/revise=studying.
  • On the blower=on the phone.
  • Camp=flamboyant.
  • Making it rain. Another US one that completely went over the heads of our British friends. They seemed to like it though.
  • Geeser=dude. I’m not sure if this is a UK word or just Tom. “Get that geeser on the blower and let’s get off our fuckin trolley.” Got that?
  • Geeser-bird=Girl with dude-like qualities. One of my favorites.
  • Saucy little minx=flirtatious young lady

And last but not least, my favorite:

  • Swimming Costume=Swimsuit. Apparently it actually only applies to a woman’s one-piece, but I’m definitely adopting this one to mean all swimwear for men or women. The first time someone told me they were going to put their swimming costume on I couldn’t stop laughing. What is this, Halloween?

So yeah, these a few of the fun differences between our extremely similar yet very different countries. If nothing else, we’re more interesting people for being able to do both.


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