Burritos, Shitheads, & Hot Showers

Ello again lovelies. I hope you are all doing fantastic and well. I guarantee you are all doing much better than my fantasy basketball team is. Just a short post today, but I experienced such anger and such happiness in the past 72 hours and wanted to vent. Let’s start with anger.

(background info: the way classes are broken down here is with one letter and two numbers. The letter indicates primary or secondary school. The first number is the grade and the second number indicates the level of English proficiency within that grade. For the proficiency number, 1 is the best, 2 the second best, so on so forth. Also, Thai kids are infamous cheaters. This will be relevant.)

My very last class of the week before I reach weekend freedom is hands down my toughest class. My M-3/3 class is full of 13-year-old freshman savages who a) don’t speak any English, and b) don’t seem to care about learning English.

This past Friday, I had to give out a pretest that introduces the material that we’ll be covering this term. I made 2 copies of all my tests in an effort to curb their not-so-subtle cheating efforts. I had given out pretests to all of my other classes and they went just fine. Kids in other classes realized quickly that I wasn’t going tolerate shenanigans. However, the little wilderbeasts in 3/3 just wouldn’t listen. When each kid realized that the test they had was different than the kids sitting next to them, it blew their minds. And they were pissed. I had to powerwalk around the class with my rolled up test/baton for 50 minutes telling them to be quiet and to keep their eyes on their paper.

At the end of this particular class, I committed a cardinal sin and swore at my students for the first time. The phrases “shut up” and “sit the f*ck down” unfortunately slipped out. I’m not proud of this, controlling 35 thirteen-year-old pre-pubescent Thai children isn’t a skill that develops overnight. I was so mad by the end I gave them homework over the weekend out of spite. I’m trying different things to get better at this, but it was a frustrating day to say the least.

Okay, I’m glad I got that off my chest. Now time for the good! After the hour of hell, I took off for Bangkok for the weekend. In Bangkok, I treated myself to two of my favorite things in the whole world. A legitimate burrito and a hot shower!!! A California burrito full of guacamole, chicken, and goodness. It was literally one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time. I had my eyes closed in pleasure for about half the meal. It was outrageously expensive but worth every penny (though reintroducing Mexican food into my diet has done terrible, unspeakable things to my digestive system. Still worth it).

Hot showers. An underrated pleasure. I think it was the first one I’ve had in 23 days. It took willpower just to get out of the shower. I would’ve been totally content to bring a chair, book, and a beer into the shower and spend the entire day in there. I always loved showers like a friend, but they’re officially out of the friendzone and I’m full blown in love with them. So good.

Well I think that’s it for today. Next weekend will be the first one that I actually spend at school instead of going to Bangkok or somewhere else. So I’ll probably write again next Sat/Sun with undertones of anxiety and loneliness. It’s ok, at least I had a burrito yesterday. Bye guys, I miss everybody.



One thought on “Burritos, Shitheads, & Hot Showers

  1. Dearest nephew Austin,
    I love reading your blogs, but especially got the giggles when I read the 3/3 test takers section. As a former elementary school teacher, those little darling can drive those in charge to do unspeakable things! Glad you have fun in Bangkok. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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