R.I.P Mr. Sanpat

I have a bit of a sad note to share today. Last week, three different people connected to my school passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with each of those families.

However, one interesting part of it was seeing how Thai people react to death. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I remember learning about how Thai people don’t value life to the same extent that we do back home. With each of these three passings, when the Thai teacher told me the news, it was in a very matter-of-fact tone, devoid of emotion. They did not appear to be saddened by it, they were basically just like, funeral“Yeah, this is what happened. He died.”

It’s such a contrast to Western society where we place such high value on individuals and the life they lead. At a funeral back home, everyone mourns in their own way, but overall they are pretty rough experiences. I haven’t been to Thai funeral yet, but apparently they’re much more of a party than a somber experience.

One of the men who passed was my agent’s husband, Mr. Sanpat. When the teacher at my school told me, he just said, “It’s part of life!” I know that this stems from religious beliefs, but he passed away from a motorcycle accident. Personally, that’s hard for me to accept as “part of life”. Especially when I see people not wearing helmets and speeding down the wrong side of the road.

He was an awesome guy, introduced me to massaman curry, and was always happy to see me. Rest in peace Mr. Sanpat, I’ll always remember the first day we met and I asked if there was 7/11 near my isolated boarding school. You laughed at me and said, “no noooo.”  Moral of the story, please wear your helmets and stay safe.


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