Phase 4: The Travels Begin

At this point, looking back over my time in Thailand, it’s essentially been divided into three different chapters. The first was made up of my first month as I arrived and took the TESOL course. I learned, I made friends, I partied, and I learned harsh truths about the heat and humidity. The second phase comprised of my time teaching at the boarding school in Lam Narai. It was there that I had a roommate named Stevie the Frog and phase 1showered out of a trashcan for 5 months… It was nice. Phase three after that was the longest by far. For the majority of the past 2 years, I’ve spent my time living and working in Hua Hin. I worked for a cool company that grew significantly during my time there. However, coming into this adventure (originally meant to be a year), my plan was always to teach and then travel S.E. Asia before heading home. While my timeframe has changed considerably, phase 4 is about to commence.

This week officially ended my status of gainful employment. While I’m excited for the adventures ahead, I’m nervous. Hua Hin has been an awesome town to live in and I’ve had a routine and a group of friends. For as fun as it’s been, life has been relatively stable but the shadow of complacency has been slowly creeping in.

Well I’m officially f-unemployed! The whole world is at my balmy fingertips. I get to wake up with no alarm and spend the days debating life’s important questions. phase 2Should I nap one hour or two? Do I eat rice or noodles for lunch today? Does Netflix really have a warning after 24 hours? What happened in that last season of LOST? I’m not quite sure, but I’ve got the time to figure it out.

As glamorous as this all sounds, it’s going to take some time to adapt. One part of being employed that’s overlooked is that work gives you purpose each day. You have legitimate reasons to get out of bed and change your underwear. And when you do, the most jobs require doing things for other people.

To go from that responsibility to having zero obligations is a definite change. I’m truly my own boss now and that freedom and lack of structure is both exciting and intimidating.

For the next 4-5 months, I’ve got nothing but time and things I wanna do. First up is Bali in two weeks. I bought a one-way ticket because, as one of our former TESOL students putphase 3 it, “that’s what we do, baby.”

If I like it, I’ll stay. If not, I’ll go somewhere else. The only other plan after that is Japan at the end of March where I’ll officially renounce my clothing and fully convert to a wardrobe to kimonos. Beyond that, I want to do one more Songkran, travel through Myanmar, eat sandwiches in Laos, relax on islands, and live at a Muay Thai gym for a month. Maybe I’ll go stay at a temple and live like a monk for a while. I’ve already got the haircut.

As much as I’m unsure about things, I’m excited to live life for a while and do things I feel like doing. If this country has taught me one thing, it’s you don’t need to plan too far in advance. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Either way, I’m excited to embrace the adventure. Cheers everyone.


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