The End

Muay Thai Camp: A House of Pain

Thailand to Japan: A Sensory Holiday

Ubud Hightlights: Yoga, Volcanoes, & Cremation

Balinese Cremation Ceremony

Bali Part I: Kuta Sucks

Phase 4: The Travels Begin

Shameless Plug for My Photography Page

Part III: I’m Still Funny in Myanmar

Part II: Monkeys, Puppies, & Whorehouses

Part I: The Artist Formerly Known as Burma

Teaching Abroad – Austin’s Survival Guide (Part 1)

Expats vs. Tourists

Dear Selfie Stick

Back to Anonymity: 21 Impressions of Being Back in the U.S.

Chiang Mai: 2 Months Later

One Year Later

Sweating While You Poo

Gangnam Style

Things I Miss About Home

Signs You’re Becoming a Thai Expat


R.I.P Mr. Sanpat

Paid Vacation

Icy Beer & Drug Deals

The Ping Pong Show

Phuket & Phi Phi

Public Lashings

Hitting Children

Let’s Cry Over Spilled Milk

Thanksgiving & Finger Sniffing

Burritos, Shitheads, & Hot Showers


US vs. UK

First Week at School

Honeymoon is Over

English Camp



We’ve Covered Good. Here’s the Bad & the Ugly

Weekend #2

The Weekend

First Week

And So It Begins


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