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IMG_0128Hey everyone! As you may deduce from my blog title, I’m a white guy. I’m originally from California, but beyond than that, I’m a traveler, eager to see everything I can, curious how the rest of the world lives.

My grandfather once said, “Nobody grows within their comfort zone.” While I’m here I’ll write about my journey, impressions, successes, and challenges of living and teaching in S.E. Asia. Change can be both exciting and terrifying, and every adventure in life comes with good and bad. I look forward to embracing both.

*Questions or inquiries can be directed to: whiteguyinthailand@gmail.com*

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10 thoughts on “About Austin

  1. Hi I was curious if you have done the geovision summer camp counselor program? I have no idea, and I’m sorry to be asking in such a bizarre setting! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hello There!!! Where can I contact you? I just spent literally all my morning through your blog, amazing! I would like to talk to you.. I have couple of questions about Thailand 🙂


    1. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. I’m gonna shoot you an email to the address that’s connected to your wordpress profile. If there’s another email address that you prefer to use, let me know!


  3. Hello! Can you tell me more about the program you are part of to teach in Thailand? Is it paying? Thank you!



    1. Hey Elizabeth, I originally came to Thailand through a company called XploreAsia (www.xploreasia.org). My first 4 weeks I took the TESOL teacher training course (unpaid) but then when I finished the course, the company found a job for me at a school north of Bangkok. Once I got to that school, it was like a normal job with a monthly salary.

      I liked the company XploreAsia so much when I first came to Thailand through them that I actually work for them now. Check out our website and our Teach in Thailand program page. If you want some more info, there’s a form on the bottom to submit your info. Mention that you found us through my blog and we’ll tell you all about it!


      1. Thanks for your quick reply! I emailed them a few days ago and am still waiting to hear back, I’m sure they are busy. How much did the TEFL course cost? Also, are you guaranteed a placement? I guess what i’m asking is if the costs will be worth it. I’m also looking at the peacecorps. Thanks!


  4. I’m trying to convince my husband we that we should move to Thailand. His one hesitation is the heat. Is it as bad as the numbers suggest? I’ve visited Thailand and I don’t remember it being oppressive, but he’s a big guy. I’m really enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing!


    1. Hey Jennifer, tell your husband that I definitely understand his hesitation. The heat was probably the number one thing I was worried about before moving here. I’m not going to tell you it’s not hot. It is. But it’s just kind of something you accept and get used to. There’s still certain days where I think, “Wow, it’s really hot today.” But the rest of the time you kind of forget about it and your body adapts. Plus there’s great places to live in the north are significantly cooler. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are two that come to mind.


  5. Hi Austin! I just subscribed to your blog because your delightful momma told me about your encounter with monkeys and puppies. Im in grad school with Linda but I study monkeys and the conflict between farmers and wildlife in Indonesia. I just read a great book about Myanmar called Beyond the Last Village by Alan Rabinowitz. Anyway, looking forward to reading your blog! 🙂


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